Sri Lanka Paradise of the World


Located in the south corner of the continent of Asia, it is located near the south-east corner of India, and is located on the equator between the 5 and 10 displays in the north, and the 79 and 82 along the east, The Madif Islands is an area of ​​about 640 per square kilometer and is inhabited by about 22 million according to the latest statistics


They are Sri Jayawardenpura Koti and Colombo

Population, languages ​​and currency system

The population is multi-ethnic and religious, and if it is spread by the Sinhalese, Tamil, Malay, Muslim, Moro and Burger, although there are Indian, Malaysian and Chinese minorities, where Buddhism is spread with Christian, Islamic and Hindu minorities, Tamil and Sinhalese in addition to English, while the currency is Sri Lanka Rupee


A democratic socialist republic


Ancient Sri Lanka was inhabited by the Vedas, which today represents a small population before they are inhabited by Hindu migrations from India. They are the ancestral descendants of the Sinhalese present in Sri Lanka. Two centuries later, there were waves of Tamils ​​who came from southern India and then mixed up with the races. After Islam entered, the Muslims mixed with the races in the region. Then they occupied the Portuguese island and were the first colonial power to colonize the island and start Catholic missionaries after So, where they met They used the Portuguese language in the official documents. For fear of the domination of the Portuguese, the King of Kanda used the only part that was not colonized by the Portuguese and the king of Kandani used the Hanaldians who would occupy the island. After that, the Dutch preferred Tamil sex to the Sinhalese and used their language alongside the Dutch, and then Britain took control of the island. They developed agriculture, especially tea cultivation. England remained occupied for 133 for a year until independence. Of difficult historical events, but still exist, challenging the odds

Administrative division

Sri Lanka is divided into regions of the most important and famous tourist places are


It is the capital, and the most important places to visit are the water sports park, which is about 48 distance away from Colombo, the zoo in Colombo, the Rama Hadifi park and others


It is a seaside town located on the sea and is near Bandarayaka airport in Colombo, just an hour from Colombo

Hunas Falls

There is a famous Hunas Falls resort, a place above the mountain. There is a hotel above the lake and a waterfall nearby. You can tour the place to see its own nature


It is a remarkable archaeological place, the most important of which is the visit to the giant rock, as well as the National Monument Park near Lake Kandalama,


On the way to Kandy, there is a spice garden, where a lot of cultivated plants, medicines and olives are seen. There is also a pineapple on the road. There is also an elephants garden called elephants. You can also visit the large Botanical Garden. Precious stones


It is called the Little Britain, which is rising from the sea surface about 6000 BC so it is cold and there are no air conditioners in the city, and there is also a lot of tea in this city where you can enjoy the views of cultivation of this agriculture, enjoy wandering around Lake Guiguri, Visit the Victoria Park, visit the European climate by visiting the New Zealand cattle and cattle farms and the Emboila Farm.

His daughter

Enjoy a visit to Bentotou Beach, Mangrove Safaris, Marine Turtles, Preve Park, visit the Dutch ruins, Lunuganga Natural Park, visit the Buddha Temple.

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