Family trip 15 night 4 stars 4 individuals 4300 $


The following tourist program special for packages family 4 members in Malaysia for those wishing to travel for 15 night 16 day was chosen 4 proposed program hotels you can book and enjoy it through communication with us and provide us with the ticket so that we ensure availability of hotels and rooms specified period for your flight note that you can be obtained the value of prizes in the event of an early booking was as if the other offers a cruise boat special for newlyweds or the like is all you click on the Contact us button to take you to chat with the staff of the company on Alotsab to the competent employee work required for yourselves

  • Comprehensive hotels with taxes and services
  • Includes 2 rooms and breakfast for 2 persons in each room
  • Including indoor flight weighing 15 Kilo per person and 7 Kilo hand bag
  • Reception to and from the hotel in all cities and islands is free


  • Entrance tickets for tourist places
  • Ferry Tickets
  • International Flights
  • No services have tickets within the program
  • Includes tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi Island
  • Includes tickets from Penang Island to Kuala Lumpur
  • 4 includes tours and two cruises
  • Reception and delivery of all airports
  • Reception and delivery from and to the Viry Islands
  • All trips are by private car and licensed Malaysian driver
  • Two nights in Selangor state
  • Four Nights in Lincoln Island
  • Four nights in Penang Island
  • Five nights in the capital Kuala Lumpur

Tourist Program hotels

  • Concorde Shah Alam Deluxe

    Inclusive breakfast for two each room
  • Dayang Langkawi Deluxe

    Inclusive breakfast for two each room
  • Paradise Penang Deluxe

    Inclusive breakfast for two each room
  • Kuala Lumpur Superior

    Inclusive breakfast for two each room
First day
Reception at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and connecting to Concorde Shah Alam Hotel in Selangor
the second day
A full tourist day in the city of Sunway from 10:00 am to enjoy in the wonderful city of Park, surfing and watching the 5D cinema and enjoy jumping by the rope inside the Park theme and enjoy visiting the Pyramid Mall or the so-called Grand Pyramids Mall which has an ice skating rink, shooting games and bowling It also has shops for all international brands and then back to the hotel at 6 pm
the third day
Transfer from Concorde Shah Alam Hotel in Selangor to Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport to Fly to Langkawi Island ... Reception at Langkawi Airport and Delivery to Dayang Hotel
the fourth day
The driver of the company will take you at 10 am to go on a full day at Langkawi Island to visit the underwater world and the East Village, where there is 6D, ASCII Dome, 3D, the boat, the Langkawi Falls, the cable car, the suspension bridge, the seven wells and the Eagle Square. At 6 pm
The fifth day
A day of tourism to the island of pregnant women and then Lake Virgin women, a lake formed from the deposition of rain water over the mountain pregnant woman where you can swim and boating, which is led by you on the mountain and then go to feed the eagles in the sea in the south of the island of Lenkawi then a common island ) Is characterized by Parachute and Banana Bot and some marine games and start moving for the flight from 9 am and the journey from 4 to 5 hours
the sixth day

A free tourist day to enjoy the features of the island

the seventh day
Delivery of Dayang Hotel to the port of Langkawi travel by boat to the island of Penang via Alfieri ... Reception in Penang port and delivery to the hotel and apartments Paradise note that the ticket will be cut off by yourselves from the hotel Rsbashn
Day 8
A full day tour of Penang Island to visit the Spice Garden, Butterfly Garden, Fruit Park, Penang Lake, Mountain Train, Penang Plateau, Diamond Factory, Glass Factory, Coffee Factory, Chocolate Factory Doll Museum. After a busy day visiting all tourist attractions, the driver will take you back to the hotel at 6 pm
Day Nine
A cruise to a private island known as Monkey Island where the driver takes you to the boat harbor to take you a boat to sail for half an hour until you reach the island behind Penang Island. The boat driver stops fishing and after you finish fishing you take the boat to the island. The superb, four-wheeled Jetski and quad bikes you can rent to enter a private guide into the deep woods of the island and enjoy an excursion on a private island. The trip also includes a barbecue lunch for all members of the family consisting of grilled chicken, grilled fish, Authorities, soft drinks and water, all of this is included at the price of the cruise and after finishing the boat Baaadtkm to the island of Penang to the private driver of our company Bastahabkm back to the hotel note that the duration of the trip 4 to 5 hours
Day 10

A free tourist day to enjoy the features of the island

Day 11
Delivery from the Paradise Hotel and Apartments to Penang Airport for travel to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ... Reception at Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport and connecting to Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Day 12

A full tourist day in Genting Highlands where the driver will take you from the hotel at 10 am to go to Genting Highlands and to the cable car station or the so-called cable car, where you will go up and stroll in the city of Genting Indoor and Outdoor Games until 5:00 pm to bring you back to the hotel. at six pm

Day 13

Full day tour in Kuala Lumpur. The tour is 8 hours from 10 am to 6 pm. The driver is waiting for you at 10 am in the hotel lobby to take you to all Kuala Lumpur attractions and start visiting the KLCC Twin Towers, And then you go to a walk to the park of the two towers behind him, including to go to the world of Aquarim Underwater world, which is one of the largest aquariums of the world and there is more than 14 thickness of various types and shapes, and then the driver is accompanied Where you can enjoy lunch at the revolving restaurant at the top of the lighthouse, the highest restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. From there, the driver takes you to the Nikara Zu Zoo and from there to the bird garden and to the flower garden. Then you can shop from the Chinese market where exotic and beautiful gifts and low prices Where it is one of the most important Malaysian markets for tourists, especially Arabs, and after the end of your day tourism returns you to the hotel lobby at 6 pm

Day Fourteenth

A free tourist day to enjoy the sights of the city

Fifteenth day

A free tourist day to enjoy the sights of the capital

The sixteenth day
Delivery from Forma Hotel to Kuala Lumpur International Airport to return home

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