جزر المالديف


The Maldives is one of the most widespread geographical regions in the world and is the smallest Asian country

The Maldives is officially the Republic of the Maldives and is also dubbed the Maldives from a double chain of twenty-six atolls in the Indian Ocean towards the North South and is located about 700 km (430 MILL) SOUTH WEST OF SRI LANKA and 400 MILLS (250 MILE)

In terms of population and land area, the lowest country on the planet, more than 80% of the country's land is composed of atolls that are less than 1 m above sea level and contain reef and corals

It acts as a natural barrier against the sea, forming lakes

Environmental regulations of the Maldives

Maldives is a habitat for many ecosystems, but it is well known for its diversity of colorful coral reefs

Where more than 1100 type of fish, 5 types of sea turtles, 21 type of whales and dolphins type 187 of coral

400 Type of molluscs and 83 a kind of skin prickles. Many species of crustaceans also live there

This unique environment makes it a popular attraction for visitors from all over the world. Tourism in the Maldives is focused on exploring its many environmental fashions or enjoying one of its luxurious resorts offering the perfect haven on the shores of the Indian Ocean

Maldivian culture and traditions

Maldivian identity is a mixture of cultures that embody peoples who have settled on these islands, reinforced by religion and language

Perhaps the first settlers from southern India and Sri Lanka are linguistically and ethnically linked to the people of the Indian subcontinent and ethnically known as Davis

The Maldivian culture is being influenced by the geographical proximity of Sri Lanka and southern India. The most common official language is Devihi

It is an Indo-European language similar to the "Elo", the ancient Sinhalese language

After the long Buddhist era of Maldivian history, Muslim merchants introduced Islam. The Maldivians converted to Islam in the middle of the 12th century. Since the twelfth century AD, the country's culture and language in the Arab region has been affected by the conversion to Islam and its location as a crossroads in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This was due to the long commercial history between the Far East and the Middle East

Arts and Crafts

The mixing of cultures is often manifested in the Maldivian arts. The music of the local Peruvian dances is similar to African drums

The Donny (rare Maldivian sailboat) is a technical style in itself. It is built in a clear craft with great similarities with the Arabian sailing boats. It represents the luxurious art of the Maldivians, which is reflected in the fine details of wooden arches in the old mosques

What has been gained from the architecture of Southeast Asia

The distinctive designs, used in the simulated inventory of local materials, and the embroidered neck of traditional women's dresses and decorations, also tell a different story brought from an unknown culture to the Maldivian society

The tombstones of the beige sculpture are held in some ancient tombs and the fine rock sculpture of Hokoro Miski in Mali

Certificates of stunning skills of ancient Maldivian rock sculptors

The Maldivians are skilled craftsmen who produce elegant sculptures, which are often available locally

Many skills have been transferred from generation to generation to stay to this day

Maldivian cuisine

Traditional Maldivian cuisine is based on three main substances and their derivatives that use coconut in grated form

For coconut milk, coconut oil or coconut oil is used in dishes that are fried and coconut milk is an essential ingredient in many varieties of Maldive curries and other dishes

The preferred fish is tuna scape jack, either dried or fresh and used dry tuna processed mainly for the preparation of fast food

Such as guava kababu bajia (the local version of Indian sambousa) and fava beans such as starchy varieties such as rice

Which are eaten boiled or ground as flour, balls such as Taro (AA) Sweet Potato (Katala) or Tapioca (Dandalovi)

As well as fruit such as breadbread (Pampukio) or scropein (Kashikoyo) and boiled bread

Scropean fruit is often eaten raw after slicing into thin slices

All of these unique cuisine is available in the Maldivian restaurants, which are characterized by their delicious seafood and romantic ambience

Tourism in the Maldives

The marvelous blue water and beaches isolated from holidays in the Maldives make the top of luxury. The Maldives is the ideal destination for divers and luxury spa enthusiasts.

Recreational Activities in Maldives

Diving in the Maldives is one of the most popular activities for vacationers in this charming destination. Beginners and advanced divers can discover local tropical life throughout the year

See the pracoda fish and the spaghetti fish swim a few inches and swim on the surface with many manta fish

Ray's many. To enjoy the real diving experience, book a diving trip that allows you to sleep on the boat

So you can dive all the comfort away from the beach

Surfing is also a popular activity in the Maldives, and isolated beaches mean beginners can exercise relatively calmly

If relaxation is a priority for you for several days, devote some time to spa treatment. Most outdoor treatments can be enjoyed until you enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Maldives while relaxing in absolute comfort and luxury

Maldives Resorts

Choose among the most luxurious Maldives resorts with our luxurious resorts Jumeirah Vittavili and Jumeirah Devanavushi

To live an unrivaled experience whether you are looking for an absolute family holiday or a romantic vacation

Our paradise is rich enough to attract the most demanding and urgent travelers

For recreational activities in the Maldives

Embark on a trip to Maldives to learn about this fascinating country. The Maldives is famous for its glittering beaches, but the islands have more to see and do while away from white sands or lush greenery.

Discover the Maldives

Start the Maldives journey by discovering its capital, Mali. The city has colorful buildings and lively streets. Visitors will find many exciting attractions, such as the Islamic Center with its golden dome, lively markets and tempting restaurants.

I go on a boat trip outside Mali and will get to know many of the amazing Maldives

The islands of islands that separate these islands are abundant with marine life, making the diving tour an essential part of any trip to the Maldives

Discover tropical reefs and shipwrecks to identify colorful fish, crustaceans, sharks and others

You can also arrange a night fishing trip in the Maldives. Night fishing trips allow you to fish, eat and eat in an ideal way to experience local seafood and for a glimpse of local life, go on a tour through a local island

Where you will see how people live outside the resorts and buy locally made goods

Relax after a tour of the Maldives

Return to our resorts in Maldives and relax your tour bus tour. From luxury to gourmet dining options and everything in between, Jumeirah Vittavili and Jumeirah Devanavushi offer an unparalleled experience in this charming paradise

Weddings in the Maldives
Where the blue seas, silver sands and abundant greenery, the Maldives is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, providing you with the best scenes for your wedding day. The weddings at the Jumeirah Resorts in the Maldives are the most delightful and romantic either on intimate beach parties or large family parties.
The unique romance of the Maldives

Couples planning their weddings in the Maldives will find them waiting for the breathtaking scenery that surrounds our resorts

Each of the secluded beaches and the glittering Indian Ocean offers a painting where you can get the best wedding photos. In the palm trees and on the impact of ocean waves together make your wedding a fantastic story and a memory that accompanies you all your life

Have an outdoor dinner on the beach, listening to a band and dancing under the moon and stars

While your wedding is nearing completion. The next day, relax with your guests in luxury villas or beach huts

Rejuvenate after the bustle of your wedding day with spa treatments

After your wedding, you can enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon in the Maldives that allows you to enjoy your most memorable moments in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Perfect weddings even the finest details

The Jumeirah Jumeirah Resorts offer great wedding parties for couples to suit all tastes. We care about the details from a four-course dinner served on the beach to a dedicated butler service, with us you will find everything you need for a flawless wedding

Honeymoon in the Maldives

Start your life in a comfortable and luxurious honeymoon in the Maldives with Jumeirah Enjoy a stroll on the golden beaches and swim in the ocean with its warmth and transparency

Honeymooning in the Maldives is a memorable experience

There is no comparison to the honeymoon sites in the Jumeirah resorts of the Maldives, from the abundant greenery to the luxury of the romantic luxury offered daily in our restaurants. We are interested in providing the services that make honeymooning with us an unforgettable experience.

Take advantage of honeymoon offers in the Maldives at Jumeirah Hotels and relax on the Indian Ocean coast

Then arrange a unique spa treatment program for yourself and your companion

Spa days for couples include all options from a simple massage session

And even private yoga classes. You will be able to regain the activity of your mind and body, and enjoy a wonderful honeymoon in the Maldives.

For those looking for more activities, you should not miss the opportunity to dive in Maldives. The waters surrounding the Maldives include a wide range of marine life, from tropical fish to white sharks, so you can enjoy wonderful sea views to suit the honeymoon atmosphere.

Enjoy your honeymoon at Maldives resorts

Make unforgettable memories of our honeymoon trip to the Maldives with us at Jumeirah Devanavushi and Jumeirah Vittavili Resorts. Our honeymoon packages are organized to provide you with the greatest pleasure and relaxation to enjoy the first days of your married life.

You can also enjoy a candlelit dinner on the beach, with a private villa and a 24-hour personal service

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