Malaysia Asia Committee detailed report

Travel in Malaysia

Malaysia can be reached either by land from Thailand or Singapore, while on the island of Purino it is connected to Priya with Brunei and Indonesia

By sea multiple access began from the seaports in Penang and Malacca. Air-conditioned and easy access, international airports in Kuala Lumpur

Penhang and Langkawi are the most airborne traffic


The official language is Malayalam. Malay is part of Indonesian but some words have different meanings

Sometimes contradictory, but both speakers can communicate together. In some areas adjacent to Thailand

Especially the dialectical language of Kelantan is difficult to understand and contains a lot of Thai vocabulary in case

The people of these areas continue to communicate with the rest of the Malaysians, who give up the spoken dialect and the familiar slang

English is compulsory in schools and is heavily weighted in major cities as well as in the educated and university classes

Tourists usually have little difficulty in tourist spots where all employees are fluent in English

The visitor notes that spoken English is a modification of English and difficult for non-English speakers on the peninsula

Malay to speak English in full without distortion

Stay healthy

Tap water is clean and pure, but prefer to buy water from the tap instead stacker is cheap and available in all stores and shops.

The atmosphere is hot and humid so keep your temperature warm and eat enough water and stay away from the sun

Eating is present and present and keep away from open and exposed food. We have enough sleep

Beware of mosquito bites and buy repellent for mosquitoes, some mosquitoes in Malaysia carry dengue fever

Important Numbers

999 figure is a figure that includes everyone and it can transfer from any department to another.

0060166640000 is the number of Malaysia Travel company official You can communicate with us and inquire about anything you want to know about Malaysia

Hotels and accommodation in Malaysia

Prices and accommodation vary depending on the location of the hotel, the services provided and the surrounding transport network

Generally the four and five star hotels are located in all the tourist attractions, excellent internet and populated areas

Fully covered by 4G network. We have added to your submissions below some of Malaysia's most recognized hotels and their full details

Would you like to plan a tour program

You can now request a tourist program according to the layout you want to do or make Travel responsible for tourism planning your program