About Lebanon


Located in the Middle East in the west of the Asian continent, bordered to the north and east by Syria and from the south occupied Palestine, overlooking the west on the Mediterranean

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Lebanon is a democratic, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multicultural country. Lebanon is divided into 6. Each governorate is divided into districts where the number of districts is divided into municipalities with a city or a number of villages,


Most of the population of Arab Muslims and Christians, unlike other Christian countries, have an active role in public and political life, where the population of 40 percent is Christian, and the Lebanese are spread all over the world as immigrants or settlers of Lebanese origin

the climate

Lebanon's climate is moderate in the coast. It is cold in the rain, but in the summer it is hot and wet. In the cold winter, it may reach below zero with snow.


Lebanon is characterized by the existence of the oldest civilizations that have crossed or occupied it for its central position between the North European and the Arab South and West Africa and is still a restaurant so far because of its location. It is worth mentioning that the Phoenicians have inhabited the current Lebanon with part of the land of Syria and Palestine, Trade and navigation and flourished their civilization throughout the 2500 BC, and had close relations with the ancient Egyptians and had passed on Lebanon civilizations and peoples, including the ancient Egyptians and Assyrians and Persians, Greeks, Romans, Romans and Byzantines as well as the Arabs and the Crusaders and Ottoman Turks And the last oven Sa


Lebanon was one of the most banking centers in Western Asia, to the point that Beirut was called Switzerland in the East and a large number of tourists came to the point that Beirut was called East Paris. Lebanon lost its economic importance during the civil war and there are still strenuous attempts to rebuild it. Again

The most important Lebanese cities

Beirut, Tripoli, Sidon, Tire, Nabatieh, Zahleh, Jounieh, Batroun, Haboush, Baalbek, Raoucheh, Baquus Temple in Baalbek, Cedar Forests, , Bavaria, Great Umayyad Mosque, Jeita Grotto, Melita Tourist Park, Weaves Aqua Park, Palm Islands Reserve, Lake Qaraoun Dam, Martyrs Square, Shannan Ibrahim River, Lebanese Mountain Trail, Jubter Temple, Celebrity Museum, Mosque of Mohammed Amin and others.

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