Safari World Tour Bangkok

The driver escapes you from the hotel and goes to a tourist day at Safari World, a free and open zoo, which includes almost all kinds of pets and predators, separated by the nature of their environment, where animals live naturally without barriers or cages that restrict their movement and movement, Where the natural wildlife of these animals and see the offers of Marin Park and Hollywood and kawaboy and birds and elephants of the most beautiful and famous activities and see the offers of dolphins trained, and you can shake hands and deal with them and take pictures of the memorial also and attend the boxing presentation provided by monkeys trained, Very entertaining and very suitable for children and watching the exciting acrobatic performances offered by the Black Sea, as well as lunch in the buffet in the Marina Park.

  • Safari World Tour Bangkok 6 passenger car

    From 10 AM until 6 in the evening
  • Safari World Tour Bangkok 10 passenger car

    From 10 AM until 6 in the evening
  • Private car "no common cars" 100%
  • Licensed private driver "No car without driver" 100%

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