About Thailand

Thailand was named "Siam" and was the official name of Thailand until the year 1949 and called the Thai capital "Bangkok", which is an administrative area in addition to being the largest cities in Thailand,

Thai means "free" in Thai, but some minorities living in Thailand use the word "

Thai is the official language of "Thailand" and the main religion is "Buddhism"

Which is embraced and practiced almost as much as 95% of Thailand's population.

It is one of the most visited countries among tourists among the Southeast Asian countries with its capital, "Bangkok"

Thailand has a magnificent view of islands, sandy beaches, tourist attractions and archaeological sites, as well as its local residents, who are characterized by love and affection

Thailand is famous for its abundant fruits and the best time to travel to Thailand is from November to February.


Thailand is located in the southeast of Asia and specifically in the Indo-Chinese island, which is made up of the Thai Kingdom of 75 and the provinces are divided into districts. Thailand's top ten cities are:

Bangkok, Soreen, Songkala, Chiang Rai, Sawan, Ruy Et, Samut Prakan, Sakun Nakhon, Svanpuri and Chiang Mai.


With a population of 67, Thailand has the 20th largest population in the world. There are approximately 75% of the population in Thailand ethnically and 14% of Chinese Thais

And 3% of the Malay, while the remaining population belong to minorities such as "Khmer, Mon, and many hill tribes"


Thailand's climate is warm tropical, with temperatures in Bangkok reaching 17 ° C in January and 37 ° C in May. Temperatures are falling on the northern mountains,
It is divided into three categories: cold from November to February, and from May to October and from March to May

The system of government in Thailand

Thailand's ruling system is "constitutional monarchy", which currently governs Thailand's "King Rama IX", the ninth king of the Chakr dynasty. His reign is one of the longest reigns in Thailand

Economy in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand's capital and largest city, is the commercial, industrial, political and cultural center of Thailand. Thailand is one of the new industrial countries that witnessed economic growth between 1985 and 1996

Tourism is one of the important sectors and the main economic resource in Thailand. It has many tourist attractions that attract tourists who enjoy the comfort, relaxation and scenic nature.

Space Thailand

Thailand has a total area of ​​approximately 513 per square km. It is ranked 51 worldwide

It also includes many of the geographical terrain, such as a lot of valleys and plains and plateaus, the most famous "Corat Plateau"

And the mountain highlands and is the mountain (Doi in Tanan), and many rivers, the most important of which is the "Mekong River".

History of Thailand

Before Thailand was known by its name in the past it was ruled by the Kingdom of Sukhothai for more than 210 years,

But many of the wars that led to its fall and then emerged a new kingdom called "Ayutthaya"

The reign of 416 lasted a year, Thailand ruled the kingdom of Thonburi, and the Kingdom of Siam until the modern era, which was known as the "Kingdom of Thailand"

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