Report on the best tourist places in Egypt

Luxor city

We start in the most important cities of Egypt archaeological city Luxor is located ancient city in the middle of Egypt on the banks of the Nile River Delta is about three and a half hours from the beautiful city of Aswan and the city has the lion's share of ancient Pharaoh treasures and the most important monuments in Luxor You can visit:

Karnak Temple

The temple of Karnak is a huge pharaonic architecture and the temple is a magnificent painting for the eyes of the intensity of what the temple has of great artistic value left to us by our ancestors Pharaohs.

Luxor temple

The genius of the pharaohs and the accuracy of their construction is reflected in Luxor Temple, a great temple of construction. The greatness of the pharaohs shows their progress in the arts of architecture in this age. The temple is now one of the most famous tourist places in Egypt.

وادي الملوك

The Valley of the Kings is one of Egypt's most famous tourist areas and is a symbol of the Luxor regions and its tourist attractions. The Valley of the Kings includes a number of Pharaonic tombs of a group of Pharaonic strains that ruled Egypt at the time.

A comprehensive overview of tourism in Luxor

In Luxor you can take a tour of the balloon to enjoy the view of the wonderful city of Luxor, where the appearance of the temples and the amazing Pharaonic monuments as well as the vast desert The last scene in the city of Luxor if you visit, is to go to the markets and bazaars of Luxor known to buy the most beautiful gifts and manufactures Egyptian Pharaonic and Spice from those markets filled with movement from early morning to midnight can also be a Nile cruise boat that roams the Nile until the city of Aswan in the south of Luxor Nile cruise to the tune of calm and nature is the most beautiful conclusion of the Luxor trip and the landmarks of Luxor For tourism

Cairo Governorate

Those who want to write a search for the most important tourist attractions in Egypt with pictures can not forget the majestic glory, wearing the province of Cairo a dress of tourist attractions jeweled with the city gathered the effects of different ages inside and as a beautiful painting of consistent monuments and religions and great monuments Find out what you can see in Cairo:

Visit the pyramids of Giza

The Egyptian pyramids in Giza are about half an hour away from Giza. The pyramids of Giza are a marvel of wonders that have attracted the attention of the Dani and the Qaisi. The magnificent architecture can be seen in its construction as well as the architecture on which it was built when visiting the pyramids. The pyramids are not only limited to a view of the pyramids, but they can also take a magical journey into one of the pyramids known as Khufu (the Great Pyramid) or Khafra (Hier East) or Menkaure (smaller) pyramid.

Citadel of Saladin

One of the oldest places of tourism in Egypt and above it you can see Cairo from above the high plateau and the castle is a tell of the fragrant history and the ancient past and near the castle of Salah al-Din is the Mohammed Ali Mosque, which was built in the style of Ottoman architecture can also visit the school of Sultan Ahmed and There you can conclude the tour of the castle area touring the markets of Khan El Khalili, to be the end of the tourist places in Cairo have not been mentioned and Cairo has many of the famous Islamic monuments and monuments such as the old Cairo Islamic neighborhoods and can do many tourist activities in Cairo, In Shaw Narrow and watch minarets Raha high upright in the majestic skyline and visit Ibn Tulun Mosque.

Quick Overview Tourism in Cairo

The modern modern monuments in Cairo are very distinctive. Cairo houses the modern Egyptian Museum, which is one of the most beautiful museums in Egypt. It has many Egyptian monuments. The museum is open every day from 9 to 7.

The visit to the Cairo Museums can not be limited to visiting the modern Egyptian museum only. A group of museums can be visited in Cairo such as the Hunting Museum at Abdeen Palace in Abdeen Square, the Military Museum in Salahuddin Citadel and the Museum of Decorations and Decorations at Abdeen Palace in Abdeen Square and the Museum. The Coptic Museum in Ancient Egypt, the wax museum in Helwan in Ain Helwan and the Museum of Egyptian Civilization in the island's exhibition grounds.

City of Aswan

The city of Aswan is located in the south of Luxor. The city is famous for its beauty and beauty. It is distinguished by its culture and Nubian civilization, located in the villages and the surrounding monuments.

The most important landmarks of Aswan tourist city:

Island of Elephants

We can not, or would like to write in search of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt with pictures that do not mention the island of Phila or the famous island of Alfinit worthy to see and walk in its ancient temples and see the beautiful views of the world of the island is very ideal Nature and history are deeply afflicted to draw us the most beautiful creative painting Al Fentain Island is one of the most active museums of the island. The island is characterized by the style of houses and the Nubian culture, which is also clearly visible. There are many wonderful hotels and resorts in the island that travel between luxury and low cost.

Museum of Nubia

Jamal is a fighter and a fan of the precious collectors. The Nubia Museum has many valuable items and exhibits.

Island plants or tropical garden

It is one of the most prestigious natural experiences in Egypt because it stretches over the entire island. The island of plants includes various shapes and types of flowers, trees and plantations. The island also has a wonderful restaurant overlooking the Nile.

A comprehensive overview of tourism in Aswan

Aswan is a creative world with a group of islands and reserves, as well as its rich cultures and history. Aswan includes many temples and ancient Pharaonic monuments. You can see most of them while you cruise by boat on the Nile River and then visit the Nubian distributed villages Around the Nile Delta to see the most beautiful views of these villages, where the colorful houses and trinkets and small domes and villages like imaginary drawn in the books and not living villages live.

Aswan also has a number of popular markets where you can buy spices, tea and aromatic herbs. The shopping experience is not the best, but the atmosphere in the Aswan markets has a special flair.

The Mediterranean Bride Alexandria City

Whoever visits Egypt and does not go to Alexandria, he has missed half of his life. It is a city for those looking for a journey of love, warmth and beauty, along with the tranquility and the beautiful landscapes that he expects in love with this beautiful coastal city, especially the wonderful blue Corniche beach.

Corniche Beach, Alexandria

The Corniche beach in Alexandria is located on the coast of this ancient city, where sunset becomes one of the most beautiful scenery seen by the visitors of the Corniche and the evening tour on the Corniche is one of the best choices if you are considering visiting Alexandria.

Bey Citadel

On the other side of the Corniche and at the final point on the island of Pharos is the ancient fortress of Qaitbay. The castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt and a symbol of the tourist attractions in Alexandria.

Visit Montazah Palace Gardens

A world full of gardens and flowers and the garden has many of the beauty features that are worth seeing, and we recommend that anyone thinking of visiting Alexandria Tourism to put it within its schedule.


Alexandria has a lot of shopping malls and restaurants with dreamy balconies. The sights of Alexandria are not limited to what is mentioned. Other landmarks can be visited, such as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the oldest library known to date, and the library contains many manuscripts and precious books.

Sharm el sheikh city

Sharm el-Sheikh, where the Red Sea meets the desert in one spot and this is the charming adventure and breathtaking beauty that captures the hearts and breathless. This is a tour of the most beautiful sights of Sharm El-Sheikh:

Ras Mohammed Reserve

Is the most beautiful natural areas in Sharm El Sheikh where diving practice and seeing the beautiful colorful coral reefs and watching the colorful marine life of the colorful charm of the place made it difficult for anyone who wants to work on the most important tourist attractions in Egypt. Ras Mohammed's protected images can not be forgotten at all.

Thiran Island

One of the beauty features of the Ras Mohammed Nature Reserve is a wonderful island where you can visit and dive with the world of fish and exotic creatures deep in the Red Sea.

Shark Bay

Luxury and luxury lovers await at Al Shark Bay The Gulf offers a range of luxurious resorts and beachfront hotels with spectacular views as well as fine restaurants with memorable meetings.

Safari Sharm El Sheikh

A safari trip to Sharm is a journey and a world full of thrills to the oases and deserts of the mysterious Sinai as well as camel riding and spend the night in the hospitality of the Bedouin with Arabic coffee and Sinai tea with a beautiful taste where the bright stars in the clear desert sky.

We do not forget the beauty and beauty of nowhere else, where the warm sun embraces the waves of the sea, so that the eyes can see an oasis of comfort and relaxation from the noise and the noise.


Hurghada city with a very distinctive tourist from the rest of the Egyptian cities, because it satisfies all the wishes of tourists, where the variety of options and tourism activities in Hurghada, including:

Charming beaches and land cruises from Hurghada to Luxor in a three-hour trip.

The trip to El Gouna in just half an hour where the most beautiful beaches, hotels and resorts.

Safaga trip in just an hour. And what do you know what is the safest and what beauty you will see it.

If you want to visit Hurghada, the island is a harmonious world of desert nature, clean water and quiet life.

Overview of Hurghada tourist attractions

Hurghada offers a brilliant world of resorts and luxury hotels that compete in its services and features. Hurghada also includes the island of Jiftun, which boasts the most beautiful beaches of the world. It is characterized by its shallow turquoise waters and its bright white sands

Oasis of Siwa

Siwa Oasis is just a search for some of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt. This place does not meet the right of its own. If you want to write a book or draw a map of the earth's landmarks or to tell your grandchildren the most beautiful story Siwa Oasis must be a place in every corner. In the desert of Western Egypt and it is considered a very strange adventure for those who want to visit, visit the city need to courage and great insistence is a trip to a secluded world and the road to Siwa Oasis is difficult and long,

The best places in Siwa Oasis:

Mount of the Dead

The mountain evokes awe and desire within the soul to explore its features and identify its fictional story. It is a collection of tombs dating back to the Pharaonic era and features the mountain in its strange conical form.

Great Sand Sea

Oasis is one of the strangest tourist attractions in Egypt. It is very close to the Siwa Oasis and one of the most beautiful options of the place is the possibility of a ski trip in a sea of ​​soft sand dunes stretching to the limit.

Quad biking

The most exciting is the quad biking and the harsh desert challenge but advice do not try this option unless you like to wander around the desert, otherwise you will not find any fun in desert rides.

One well

It is a well of warm sulfuric water that we can consider the angry desert eye in this strange place, but in the end the visit of the well is one of the best choices.

Cleopatra bath

Where enjoy the swimming pool in the spring of hot water and around it orchards and green gardens and as if you are in a planet from another world that does not belong to the land Siwa Oasis and some nearby oases are an experience tourist tourist is not considered a precious gem in the heart of the vast Western Sahara, Away from nature The sights of Siwa include many areas and historical monuments such as Chali Castle and is one of the oldest historical monuments in Egypt.

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