Niha Park in Sarawak Malaysia

Niha National Park is one of the best parks in the state of Sarawak. It stands out and shows the natural beauty of its wonderful green spaces, tourist and environmental nature that attracts many of the spectators.

The park is located more than 400 kilometers from Kuching. The park covers a vast area of ​​3140 hectares of peat marshes and Dibtirokarp, as well as the rocky stones that cover the large caves of Nyah, which are one large cave and smaller caves

Information about the park

Nea Park is located in the tourist caves of Nyah, which is located close to the coast of Kuching. The distance between them is more than four hundred square kilometers only. These caves are located along the coast and are located within the forest areas of Miri

In 1958, archaeologists have discovered evidence that humans have settled in these caves since the year 40000, as well as drawings on the rock in the cave, which is now known as the cave next to the coffins, which proves that this cave was a cemetery in the past

Access to the park

The park can be reached by the city of Meri or Bintulu and it takes access to Batu Nia city, where the park is located about two hours from the city of Miri

While the journey takes three hours to arrive from Bintulu and immediately to Batu Nia, the boat is taken on a short trip to the park

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