Khan al-Khalili in Al-Hussein in Cairo

It is located in a street parallel to Al-Moez Ladin Allah Street. It is located in the vicinity of two of the most famous Islamic mosques in Egypt. These are the Al-Azhar Mosque, which dates back to the Fatimid era and Al-Hussein, and is one of the most famous mosques in Cairo. So that God responds to them.


It is attributed to Sultan Jahrekas al-Khalili, one of the sultans of the Mamluks, founded by the year 1382 on the "Saffron soil", the ruins of tombs of the Fatimid Caliphs in Egypt. When Jahreks wanted to build this market he raised the feathers of the soil and threw stones on the hills outside Cairo, They were infidels because they belonged to the Shiite sect!


Khan al-Khalili is one of thirty-eight markets that were distributed during the Mamluks on the axis of Cairo. It is located in the center of the old city.

The Sultan al-Ghuri destroyed Khan al-Khalili, and he established four branches and agencies, which he found in three gates. However, these buildings were demolished and Khan al-Khalili was rebuilt again.

The most important character

It contains traditional and traditional crafts, as well as hundreds of workers and craftsmen who specialize in crafts and handicrafts such as papyrus, gold and silver jewelery, pharaohs, carpets, swimsuits, crystals, papyrus paintings with hieroglyphs and words, amulets, icons and poems, and engravings telling the stories of Isis and Osiris

The Khan has a place dedicated to leather and copper products and historical accessories such as swords, copper helmets, belts and others. The prices of these products vary according to their sizes and different colors.

There are also incense incense imported from Saudi Arabia and incense imported from Sudan, and mackerel, and incense, which is called "jaw and jaw." There are swimming pools of various types and forms, including olive and plastic seeds, called "morning light" and made of turquoise and coral And others, and therefore enjoy a tourist attraction for visitors to Egypt in general and Cairo and is famous for the existence of bazaars, shops, restaurants and other popular.

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