How to get to Maldives and internal mobility

By air

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Male receives all flights. The airport is located on an independent island called Hulhule. The airport also uses local flights and maritime transport, although the jetty is located on the far side of the island. Which includes a free 5-minute bus ride around the take-off.

Male flights come from Doha, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Colombo, Dubai, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Mali, Moscow, Shanghai, Vienna and Zurich.

By the sea

Mali is the main center of the entire maritime transport of the city and through which you can reach all the neighboring islands and travel all the long-distance public ferry from the new port in the south corner of Mali, including those going to the nearby island of Veliageli, and some short ferry trips from the port of Holomali on the north side East of the city. There are also several special services from various port berths on the waterfront between the Holomali ferry gate and the crop market. The airport ferry passes at the post office at Boduthakurufaanu Magu

The airport is the center of transfers for access to the resorts in general If you want to reach the sea to the resort of Mali will need the ferry terminal and then take a fast boat from the airport to the resort and vice versa, but you will need to pre-booking in a resort to be able to use the phrase there are some resorts Allow lunch or go on snorkeling trips but with prior reservation

Private safaris and yachts are often set up between Male Island and Viligili or in the lake west of Hulhumale. Safari drivers usually pick up new passengers from the airport or from Mali to deliver them directly to the boat.

Internal mobility

From and to the airport

There is a Dhonis shuttle throughout the day and most of the night between Mali Male and the airport and depart every 10 minutes at the airport depart Dhonis Dhonis from the quay north of the arrival halls in Male Male arrive and depart from the marina at the eastern end of Boduthakurufaanu Magu Estimated cost per person is approximately US $ 1


The bike or scooter is a good way to travel but there is no place to rent but the guest house can provide it, but if you have a local friend who is ready to deliver it through the city flying adrenaline helmets often do not wear


A large number of taxis in the city offer convenient connections for several minutes with air conditioning and drivers who know all the financial places (Male) and there you will find many streets going in one direction and the other streets are closed for construction so the taxi often takes winding streets costing 20 rubles per distance and rising to 25 Roffl after midnight and some drivers require 10 Rufel to increase the bags and there is no need for tatters

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