Best Arabic Restaurants in Malaysia

The restaurant is revolving

Is one of the most famous restaurants in Malaysia, which features the most delicious cuisine of Malaysian cuisine and offers Eastern and Western cuisine and is one of the crowded restaurants that require pre-booking, especially on holidays and holidays. The restaurant is located at the top of the lighthouse

Saloma Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Saloma Restaurant is one of the best restaurants to visit in Malaysia. The restaurant is also located on Ampang Street near the Concorde and Shangri-La hotels. The restaurant also offers dinner parties, which showcases the displays of Malaysian art

The Moon Restaurant

The Moon Restaurant is located in the Pavillion complex in Al Arab Street. It offers oriental and especially Lebanese cuisine, and "Quattoes, grape leaves and Arab appetizers such as Tabbouleh". It offers cultural and artistic performances every week and in terms of its prices are high compared to other restaurants

Pasha Restaurant

This restaurant is close to the hotels and is located opposite the market of Sonqi and Anq and offers the best Arabic food in addition to the presence of "Shisha" desired by many Arabs and the restaurant can accommodate 130 person and the working hours are complete at the time 12

Restaurant Tajine

Tajn Restaurant serves Lebanese and international cuisine that is suitable for foreign and Arab visitors, as well as fish and fish. Its prices are very reasonable when compared to other restaurants in Al Arab Street

Restaurant Mundi Hadar Mout

This restaurant is considered one of the largest restaurants where it serves Lebanese and Yemeni cuisine. It has the best chefs who have high skills. It has a smoking department and is famous for its cuisine. It is famous for its Arab and Islamic heritage.

Desert tent restaurant

The first Arabic restaurant opened in Bukit Bintang, an Iraqi restaurant serving Eastern and Yemeni cuisine, featuring independent family settings

Eden Restaurant

The restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Malaysia and the restaurant offers many delicious dishes of cooked and live seafood. The fish can be selected from thousands of different fish. The prices start there from the 35 Ringt Malaysian. Prince Hotel.

Palm Restaurant

Is one of the most popular Arabic restaurants in Malaysia and has the most admiration of its Arab visitors. The restaurant serves delicious Arabic and Oriental cuisine and the restaurant is located in the Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Middle East Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the Arab world. It is an Arabic restaurant located in the business district of Kuala Lumpur and offers delicious Arabic meals at the lowest prices.

Fez Restaurant

It is one of the best Arabic restaurants and serves delicious Lebanese and Lebanese cuisine. It is the most famous restaurant serving Lebanese dishes in Malaysia and in Kuala Lumpur specifically. It has gained great success because it offers fresh and delicious meals and favorites among Arabs and foreigners.

The Iranian Nap Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

It is one of the best Iranian restaurants in Malaysia that offers Arabic cuisine and has a good location in the Arab street of Kuala Lumpur. This restaurant has a fountain in the middle, where small fish are colorful and this fountain is a wonderful heritage and heritage that goes back to the Persian country. The restaurant serves barbecue, kebabs, Rice, salads and spices, as well as the main meals in the Arab restaurant Mtndi and the meat of the sheep, and its prices are suitable for the famous restaurants of Malaysia

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