Best Arabic Restaurants in Langkawi

Sultan Restaurant

The Sultan Restaurant in Langkawi Island This restaurant is located in the best part of the island and offers very beautiful views, which will make you enjoy a special meal with stunning views of the charming nature surrounding the restaurant. The restaurants vary in taste, and the taste here is even more impressive as the restaurant has a crew of chefs on top The restaurant is located next to the most beautiful hotels of Langkawi Hotel Dana, one of the best hotels on the island

Sultan Langkawi Malaysia Restaurant

Periodically from 2 clock at noon, until 12 in the evening.

Syrian Jasmine Restaurant

The Syrian Yasmin Restaurant is located on Langkawi Island and is located on Sinang Street. It is one of the lively streets of the island. The restaurant itself is one of the most distinctive and elegant restaurants. The restaurant is very simple and the restaurant has many fans to soothe the atmosphere. A section for outdoor gos where a range of simple and beautiful tables are provided abroad. There is a section dedicated to shawarma and is open to the tables to ensure visitors of the quality of the ingredients offered to them. It offers many fine dishes such as chocolates, chicks, Types of delicious appetizers and also offers special chairs for young children are allowed to enter the animation inside chairs easily

Delicious restaurant

A delicious restaurant in itself is a great tourist attraction where you will know Arabic cuisine and Indian cuisine through a variety of dishes. The restaurant is located in Langkawi, which is famous for having the most beautiful beaches you can find in the world, so spending time inside is fun If you want a quiet place, you can choose a restaurant to eat inside in a quiet atmosphere away from the bustle of famous restaurants, which are always crowded. You will find all the meals you want with a menu that combines Arabic cuisine coming from the Eastern cuisine Middle and delicious Indian cuisine there is also another menu consisting of a different number of refreshing drinks and hot drinks

A delicious restaurant for Langkawi Malaysia

Daily from 2 in the back, and even 12 in the evening.

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