Tamang Sari Lighthouse in Malacca Malaysia

When visiting Malakya, do not miss the opportunity to see the sights of Malaká from a height of up to 80 meters above the Tamang Sari Lighthouse. This is the first lighthouse of Malakka, located in the center of the Merdeka district of Panda Hiller,

This landmark is a high-rise tower of about 110 one hundred and ten meters above the surface of the earth takes the form of a full-rotational structure and at its top includes a glass booth that accommodates 66 people at once and equipped with large air conditioners and oversees the state fully

The lighthouse was inaugurated on April 18th of 2008, designed by the government. The 110-meter tower was designed to mimic the original design of Taming Sari Kirs. The tower is the first of its kind in Malaysia

Tourism in the tower and the surrounding area

The region attracts a large number of tourists who come to enjoy the tranquility of the city's reflection from a high place overlooking the natural and artificial scenery by riding in the charming and quiet Tamang Sari Lighthouse, which makes you see the city from a spectacular height overlooking the bays and natural areas and the amazing urban movement in the country

The area where the lighthouse is one of the most vibrant areas, so there are many restaurants and cafes, which are wonderful places to relax and enjoy a meal with a delicious drink after the completion of the visit to Al-Manar and buy some beautiful souvenirs

Road to the tower

The Tamang Sari Lighthouse is located in the center of Panda Hiller in Malacca making it easy to reach from anywhere you are

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