The tree crest walkway in Malaysia

The tree-lined walkway is the longest walkway in the world, with a length of 950 meters and located in the garden of the Sadeem River, one of the best gardens in Kedah. This walkway was built on the lowlands where the petrocarp trees

This walkway has spectacular views that appeal to the eyes of those walking between its alleys and its oasis is what attracted visitors to come to him from every corner to enjoy this beautiful tranquil place charming charming state of Qadh

Walking around the side of this walkway and at this height of this primitive forest you will see unexpected sights and will remember in your memory the most memorable moments and memories

Imagine yourself on this high rise, enjoying not only spectacular views but also visitors watching the rivers flowing through the forest and the fascinating flora and fauna at a height of 50 meters

It is worth mentioning that the height of this high walk high and over the trees of the forest up to more than fifty meters, and these forests contain many different plant species and many different animal species, such as monkeys, leopards and some deer

The way to walk
If you are in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, take the north-south highway and then take the exit at Sperang Jaya, which will take you to the Patruth-Colim highway and then drive towards Colim Hi-Tech Park and then head towards Karangan

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