6 tours have to be done in Turkey

Tour to introduce the magnificence of Turkish food

You should go to Istanbul to know the best Turkish cuisine if you are a Turkish food lover. In addition there are tours to explore the flavors and spices that characterize the Turkish cuisine and you can participate in a tour of the cafes and restaurants in the streets of Turkey to enjoy the moments.

Workshops for appetizers

You can go to Turkey in the winter to visit workshops run by Turkish chefs. You will also find many cooking courses and different types of Turkish cuisine characterized by modern and traditional flavors.

Skiing practice

When you go to Turkey, you have to practice skiing on the snowy mountain of Ouldag in a snow-covered borsa and put it in a snowboard for a fun vacation.

Grand Water Resort

Turkey is a country of volcanoes and there are many natural hot springs you can visit to enjoy the atmosphere of warmth and tranquility in addition to the abyss and the ability of these springs to heal.

Istanbul Golf Courses

Winter in Istanbul is a great opportunity to take advantage of the indoor golf courses in Belek where it is set up away from snow and skiing.

Relax in the spa

Spas offer natural treatments in the most modern and high-quality ways, through massage sessions, skin treatments and a strong focus on water treatment with baths in cool and hot tubs.

Would you like to plan a tour program

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