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Turkey is one of the most important tourist countries in the world as a whole. It has many beautiful and beautiful tourist spots

Which attracts tourists from around the world. Its strategic location makes it a very important country

It is surrounded by several countries including Greece, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Georgia

Azerbaijan, which has borders with Nahshuwan, and many cities of great importance such as Ankara

Its official capital is Istanbul, Antioch, Izmir, Antalya, Trabzon and Konya.


Located in the Middle East bordered to the north by the Black Sea and Georgia, to the east by Armenia and Iran and from the west by the Aegean Sea and Greece

Bulgaria, southern Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean with maritime borders with Cyprus. It has an important strategic location

Where it is located in the continent of Asia and part of it in the continent of Europe, which earned a special character separates the continents of Europe and Asia

The Bosphorus Bridge, located in Istanbul, connects Turkey with Asia and European Turkey

And the result of complex earth movements where Turkey was an active place for earthquakes that created wonderful landscapes.


The population of Turkey is about 78 million, about 70% Turks and 18% Kurds and the rest are other categories
Turkey is a parliamentary constitutional republic, a secular state created by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in the year 1923 AD

After the expiration of the Ottoman Caliphate by the same man in the year 1922 AD.


The total area of ​​the State of Turkey is about 783602 km 2, where a large proportion is located in Anatolia, which is known as Asia Minor

This figure is estimated at about 97 percent of the total area of ​​Turkey, in addition to the rest of the area in Europe

Which is three percent of its area and is surrounded by several seas including the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea

As well as the occurrence of the Sea of ​​Marmara in the internal boundaries of the region located between the continents of Asia and Europe.

the climate

Turkey's scenic areas overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea with a temperate Mediterranean climate

The warm and warm summers and dry winter to wet and cool, but the places overlooking Turkey on the Black Sea warm climate

Wet in summer and cold wet in winter and in general.

The most important Turkish cities

The city of Istanbul was known in the past with many names, such as Istanbul and Constantinople. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey

It is the second largest city in terms of population density and is the economic, social and tourism center of Turkey

It also has its own seaport, which connects the two parts of Asia and Europe through the famous Bosphorus Bridge

The European section of Istanbul is called Thrace, while the Asian section is known as Anatolia, the most important of which is the Blue Mosque.


Ankara is an important Turkish city. As the city witnessed revolutions, civilizations and empires built and built in Ankara

Ankara is therefore the largest share of Turkey's historical culture, archeological sites and tourist sites

Is the smallest in terms of the number of tourists, and it is not an attractive city for residents as in the city of Istanbul

The city of Antalya and the city of Cappadocia. It is an archaeological and tourist city rather than a tourist and leisure city

But this does not prevent the existence of tourist attractions and the selection of some of the city of Ankara to eliminate the holiday by its most important monuments Ataturk's tomb.


The city is one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey. It has many attractions and attractions

It is also a transit station to other places centered around Ephesus, Bergama, Chishmi and many other places

Izmir is also characterized by the presence of many religious attractions, such as the Jameralti Mosque, Sarligi Mosque, Oglu, Kadivikali Citadel

The Archaeological Museum, the Clock Tower, the Anthropography Museum and the Ataturk Museum

And other distinctive religious sights there.


Bursa is located in the north-western part of Turkey and ranks fourth in terms of population in the country

It is one of the best industrial cities in Turkey. It is located between Ankara and Istanbul, the most important tourist destination

Oldgd Mountain is reached by cable car.


Adana is located in the heart of the Chokurova region, a geo-cultural region famous for its agricultural production because it extends over lands

The fertile flat, covering the four large provinces are Mersin, Adana, Ottoman, and Hatay province


The city of Konya is one of the Turkish cities. It is also the capital of a province called the same name. The city is located in the center of southern Anatolia

It is known that Konya gained the height of its glory and strength in the Seljuk era before the Mongol invasion when it was its capital

It is also the birthplace of Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and its most important features are the Maulana Museum and the Aziziyah Mosque.


This Turkish city was known for its great popularity among tourists, and it surpassed many other international cities

The third place in the number of tourists worldwide after London and Paris in the year 2011, and the most important tourist attractions Museum of Antalya and the water city


The most important tourist places in Turkey
Aya Sofia

Located in the city of Istanbul in Sultanahmet Square is a great example showing you the Byzantine architecture located among the dense Turkish trees and overlooking the tall dome on the Bosphorus, skimming the skyscrapers and had previously been a cathedral before Mohammed converted to a mosque.

Sultan Ahmad Mosque

Located in Istanbul in Sultanahmet Square, opposite the Ayia Sophia Museum, it is popularly known as the Blue Mosque, in contrast to the blue tiles decorating the walls of its squares.

Capi Brick Palace

Is the largest palaces of Turkey known as the high door and is in the city of Istanbul was a center for a long time for the establishment of the sultans for up to four centuries, an example of Islamic architecture magnificent and there is this palace in the Imam Ahmad.

Bazaile tank

One of the most important archaeological sites in Istanbul is called the Underwater Palace or the Cathedral Basin, a huge underground water reservoir in Istanbul under the Sultanahmet area.

The Grand Bazaar

It is one of the oldest bazaars in the world. It was built during the second reign of the reign of Sultan Mehmed II the conqueror and is known as the covered market, which is the largest and oldest market in Istanbul and is usually used in the day towards 250000.

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